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Dignified partnership through authentic womanhood

You long for a nourishing and dignified partnership? You intuitively know that
there must be something else besides drama and suffering? Are you ready
to open up for a new approach to partnership? Then come to this online retreat. The King shows
new ways to live a dignified partnership, to open yourself to authentic love and to
engage in depth with yourself and your king.
Whether you are in an existing partnership or you want a partner by your side, this retreat shows ways to a respectful gathering …. especially through an
authentically lived, powerful womanhood. A woman in her dignity is most powerful and enriches her king to the highest degree …… then
when he accepts her gift of transformative uterine strength and values ​​her as his
This online retreat will take you in depth to yourself and your partnership issues.
We’ll clarify at the root what’s stopping you from living a dignified partnership or stopping you
from meeting your king. We erase and transform everything you have ever learned about love and partnership …. what it means and what it does not mean …. We will clarify
your patterns of men and partnership in depth to provide fertile ground
for a fulfilling and nurturing partnership.
We also delete and transform all previous concepts, ideas and decisions
Partnership, relationships, men and love itself. In this retreat, I open up access to a different form of partnership and love … a new perspective … a new attitude …. A new way to live a fulfilling love. Dramas no longer have to be part of our reality. We can choose something else …. Only in ourselves …. then in the outside. It starts with us women …. Become the queen in your own kingdom and gracefully receive your king …. Go to your full power and greatness and let
the man by your side be your king.

CONTENTS: 12 clarification audio (10-12 min.) With a powerful transforming text. The audio should
at best be heard as a loop several times in a row. Each of these days stands for a
specific clarification topic.


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